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We will select the best IT specialists who will strengthen your company and bring profit.
We will optimize your recruitment budget
We save your time by conducting technical screening and coordinating all recruitment stages
We provide you with the warm candidates
within 4 working days
Посмотрите за 1 минуту обращение основателя агентства
Международный рекрутинг, Аутсорсинг кадрового делопроизводства
We work on results - you only pay in case the employee comes on board
Irina Baigozina
СEO Hit Hunt

Our areas of expertise are IT and Digital
  • Python, PHP, JS, Node.JS, C++, Java, C#, Scala, Ruby, Go, Erlang, etc. programmers;
  • Software testers;
  • Team leaders, Architects, Product Owners, CTO;
  • System administrators;
  • Game and mobile app developers;
  • Mobile game designers;
  • UX/UI, 2D, 3D and motion designers;
  • IT specialists of any level and profile;
  • Digital positions: media buyers (Facebook, Google, VK/MT), affiliate managers, publishing, advertising managers, CMO, CBDO, etc;
  • And other IT positions: IT Recruiters, HR, HRD, financial managers, CFOs, etc.

International Recruitment
Finding specialists for foreign companies and for work abroad.
HR records management outsourcing
Allows you to reduce the working load on accounting and HR department or even get by without your own specialists in the company. HR outsourcing allows the company to continue working as before, but without distracting itself from personnel problems.


Payment for the result
Pay only when thoroughly selected employee starts working.
Best candidates
We provide relocation of candidates from around the world or help set up remote work. Staff verified by the expert selection and recommendations from past work places.
Saving your time.
We adapt the candidate during the probationary period to effectively start, motivate and retain new employees.
We provide the most detailed feedback on the selected candidates, including potential risks (which EVERYBODY has).
Saving your money
We optimize the budget for staff recruitment.
We have experience working in one of the best IT companies in Russia and the EU. We understand what the client wants and which employees will be able to strengthen the company and increase profits.
Mistakes in HR
records management
Complicated dismissals
motivation policy
Problems with internal structure and interaction within the company.
What problems do we solve?
Video reviews of cooperation
Thank you for your trust and fruitful cooperation!
Kristina Chesnokova, GGR Group
HR Generalist at GGR Group
Mike Borozdin, Polly
Ex-VP Engineering at Pollyex (now - Polly)
Alexander Lashko, BFT Holding
Director of the Department of technological expertise, BFT Holding
James Barton, Positive Intelligence
Testimonials from our customers
Testimonials from our customers
Find out what the most suitable specialist will cost you.
Candidate Selection
The first candidates will be found within 4 days.
At the first consultation, all details will be discussed, a portrait of the candidate will be drawn up and a contract will be signed.
First consultation
Interview with the candidate
Stages of Selection
First working days
Employee adaptation
Together with you, we select the best candidates based on your wishes and recommendations from previous jobs.
We help employees to adapt to the new team.
The employee integrates into the work environment and successfully passes the probationary period.
If you want to know more about the prices, please leave your request on the site and we will call you back within 15 minutes.
The cost of our services - from 12 to 15% of employee's annual income (depending on the complexity of the vacancy). The exclusive agreement means that we are the only one who can search for the vacancies that have been transferred to us, without involving other agencies or an internal HR department.
Exclusive agreement
Standard agreement
The cost of our services - from 15 to 18% of employee's annual income (depending on the complexity of the vacancy). The standard agreement means that we can work with other agencies and/or your HR department simultaneously.
Leave an application and get the "perfect vacancy formula" as a gift.
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+34 611 524 837

+34 611 524 837

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